Potter is also a magical theoretician, credited to have written "all about magic." Potter is somewhat seen as the "son of magical theory", as it is a popular claim that every modern witch or wizard has learned from his and his teacher, Aldabert Waffling's, writings. Potter was the one who formulated the Fundamental Laws of Magic and wrote Magical Theory, a most popular textbook still being used today in the teaching of young wizards at Hogwarts School, both along with Aldabert Waffling.

Biographical Information

  • Unspeakable (formerly)
  • Head of the Department of Mysteries (formerly)
  • Author
  • Magical Theoretician

Ministry of Magic


At the beginning of Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts, his wand came into contact with a Quaffle in his trunk. Potter was unaware of this occurrence and began throwing the ball around. Due to the interaction with his wand, the Quaffle exploded in his face.

Potter, who had a lively sense of humour, saw the appeal in an exploding ball, and immediately began attempting to recreate the effect. In his sixth year, Harry and his friends developed the game of Quodpot.

In the late 1960s, Harry began corresponding with his boss Aldabert Waffling, the then-Head of the Department of Mysteries, in order to exchange ideas about magic. In 1968, Harry and Waffling formulated the Fundamental Laws of Magic and wrote the book Magical Theory on the subject.

In 1972, Harry succeeded Waffling in the post of Head of the Department of Mysteries.