Aldabert Gennero Waffling (1899-2003) was a British wizard who was a magical theoretician, credited to have written "all about magic". Waffling is somewhat seen as the "father of magical theory", as it is a popular claim that every modern witch or wizard has learned from his writings. Waffling was the one who formulated the Fundamental Laws of Magic and wrote Magical Theory, a most popular textbook still being used today in the teaching of young wizards at Hogwarts School, both along with Harold James Potter.

Aldabert waffling

Biographical Information


1899, Wool's Orphanage, London


2003, London

  • Unspeakable (formerly)
  • Head of the Department of Mysteries (formerly)
  • Author
  • Magical Theoretician



Ministry of Magic


Waffling was born a natural-born wizard on November 18, 1899 in Wool's Orphanage.

Waffling attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as was sorted into Ravenclaw house.

After graduation, Waffling became an Unspeakable at the Ministry of Magic, and eventually worked his way up as the Head of the Department of Mysteries.

In the late 1960s, Harold James Potter, also an Unspeakable, and the "most brilliant student ever seen [at Hogwarts]", was in regular correspondence with Waffling in order to exchange ideas about magic.

In 1968, Waffling and Potter formulated the Fundamental Laws of Magic and wrote the textbook Magical Theory about it.

In 1972, Waffling left his post as Head of the Department of Mysteries and was succeeded by his prodigy, Harry Potter.

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