4 Privet Drive is the street address of the home owned by Harry and Hermione Potter. They purchased this home in after graduating from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Privet Drive lies in the village of Little Whinging, which is located in the county of Surrey, near London in the southeast of England. The neighborhood consists of a number of almost exact replications of the Potter residence - row upon row of executive houses for executive people.

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The home consists of two floors. Inside, the house is if anything even neater than the perfectly presented gardens. The downstairs consists of a living room, dining room, kitchen, hall and garage. There is also a cupboard under the stairs which is used by the house-elf Dobby as a bedroom. The garage is used to house Harry's flying car.

The living room has a fireplace that is connected to the Floo Network.

The kitchen is filled with spotless appliances whilst the dining room has a size-able table just large enough to accommodate four people for a meal.

The layout upstairs consists of the master bedroom and a bathroom, an office, a guest bedroom and a bathroom.

Back Garden

There is a greenhouse located in the back garden.

Surrounding Area

Wisteria Walk is nearby, and it's on this street that the Squib Arabella Figg lives with her vast collection of cats. Magnolia Crescent is also in the area. A dark alley next to a garage runs off this road.

Magnolia Road, which adjoins Magnolia Crescent, runs down to a playground.